Since 2007, we’ve been reviewing the best jailbreak sites and software on the web. So now friends, it is time for yet another installment of our favorite jailbreak programs. We’ve purchased memberships, used the software, and given tech support and customer service the go-around. A few were eliminated right away, as unlike their claims, they did not actually offer a jailbreak that worked.

Note: If you don’t have the time or inclination to read the in-depth review, you can click here now to skip to our most highly-rated, trusted site right now.

We tried to troubleshoot buggy software using tech support, and in some cases, asked for our money back. In the end, we completely scrutinized 15 sites and narrowed them down to three of the best. These sites had a legitimate untethered jailbreak through iOS 6.1 for all iDevices through iPad Mini, and automated, easy-to-use software installations. Other standards (see below) were good to excellent. And indeed, we did determine a winner among the three which offered the highest-level software, tech support, customer guarantee, and professionalism.

The following is a list of the criteria we used to rate these sites:

  1. Product Satisfaction (i.e. the site delivers as promised)
  2. Software ease of use
  3. Security/information protection
  4. Level of tech support/customer service offered by site
  5. Risk-free/Money-back guarantee in place
  6. Professional-looking member area

1) Jailbreak Plus – Rating: 9.5/10

This site was the only one which passed all criteria on our checklist with ease. Without a doubt, this site has quickly become the most How to Jailbreak iPhone 5popular jailbreak site on the Internet – and not without good reason. Their software is easy to use, fast, and extremely effective. AND if can jailbreak ALL iDevices through iOS 6.1 completely untethered.

While their homepage may not be the greatest-looking (hence the 9.5 stars out of 10) their members area is great. They also offer a few bonuses. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your package.
  2. Purchase membership.
  3. Sign into the member area.
  4. Select your device and download the software.
  5. Use the tutorial provided for easiest results.

Cydia can be running in under six minutes from the time you purchase your membership. That’s now fast this thing works.

The site offers a jailbreak for all of the most popular devices, and is 100% VERIFIED. That means you won’t receive a bunch of error messages when you reboot your iPad mini and then end up panicking.

In addition, the site was determined to be secure, and accepts both Paypal and credit cards through an https connection. Your information is protected via a Verisign firewall (as is current industry standard).  Additionally, checkout is embedded on the site itself, so there is no third-party payment middle man to worry about. Merchants who are Paypal/Visa/Mastercard verified ensure that refunds are easily issued and are prepared to do so if necessary.

And finally, we gave customer service a go. We send a message indicating that we were having a problem with the Cydia store loading (which of course, wasn’t actually true) and asked tech support to help us get on track. In just over a half-an-hour, they replied with a step-by-step custom fix it guide, including screen shots. The techie assigned to us appeared to be a native English speaker, and it’s always a bonus when you don’t have to talk to some guy from India whose English fluency seems dubious.

In the end, we feel very comfortable recommending this site as our #1 choice, due to their professionalism, trustworthiness, security, and customer support.

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2. Jailbreak Unlock – Rating: 8/10

This site came in a solid 2nd place with regard to our criteria. They’re a great company, and their site is actually a little nicer looking than Jailbreak Plus. But there were a few points that led them to get one point less, which we’ll discuss in a moment. iPhone Jailbreaking Cydia

Not unlike Jailbreak Plus, Jailbreak Unlock offered a relatively easy jailbreak solution, compatible with nearly all models and software versions. We say “relatively” easy, because the process is a bit more involved. The tutorial was nearly 2 pages in length, and sometimes screen shots were unclear, making it difficult to discern what was happening in the picture. The software itself took just under 12 minutes to complete, and although still pretty darn fast, it could not complete with Jailbreak Plus in terms of time.

We didn’t use cost as a factor in our review categories, but it is worthwhile to note that the price was also a little higher on this software. In addition, there were multiple upsells, which are likely unnecessary, and therefore, tainted our overall impression of them.

Their purchase process is also secure (using Verisign) ensuring safe transactions, and like our top pick, they are Paypal verified and have their own merchant account with major credit card companies.

The test question sent to customer service was a little different than we used for Jailbreak Plus. This time, we played really dumb, and indicated that we were unsure which iOS was installed on our device. In about 6.5 hours, we received a reply. While their response time was not terrible, it was still far under what we experienced with our top pick. We did deem their response helpful, however, and despite its faults, this site remains among the best jailbreakers we have so far encountered.

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3) iJailbreak Tool – Rating: 6/10

Probably the best thing about this product is that is actually works, which is more than we could say for many of the jailbreak iOS 6 Jailbreaking for Select iDevicesprograms we sampled. Other than that, there’s nothing too spectacular about it. It took over 30 minutes to complete the jailbreak, and at some points we had to wonder if the program had locked up. Also, the instructions weren’t the clearest, and for the price, one should expect a better tutorial. Finally, there was no jailbreak available for the iPad Mini as of yet.

When contacted about the imaginary Cydia issue, the customer service response time and subsequent help was adequate and reasonably helpful. However, we noticed that the number for tech support was in India. This is not unusual at all for these sites to outsource their customer service cheaply, but the end result is that you often get a non-native English speaker with a thick accent that you are not likely to understand clearly.

They use a secure server over https, but do not have their own credit card merchant accounts, and instead use a third-party payment processor. They also do not appear to be using Verisign to protect data. That said, if for some reason our top 2 picks disappear someday, it may be a viable solution for some, albeit an imperfect one.

Click Here Now to Check Them Out for Yourself!

In summary, we spent quite a bit time researching jailbreaking sites, and this is the best results we could provide our readers with. I might even say that they fall into Good, Better, and Best – that is, iJailbreak Tool, Jailbreak Unlock, and finally, Jailbreak Plus respectively. Undoubtedly, we recommend the latter as the best option, and unless something strange happens, there is really no reason to explore beyond option #2. If for some strange reason Jailbreak Plus does not work for you, at least you have the comfort of knowing there’s a money-back guarantee. This means you know your not going to throw your money away, and that the funds can be re-used to explore a secondary option (such as Jailbreak Unlock).

Finally, please note that trying to do a jailbreak yourself is not advised. It’s not worth the time or the energy, particularly when you have an expensive device at stake.


See you later!

Paul Evartson




The New iPad Mini Review

by admin on October 25, 2012

The New iPad Mini Review

Reportedly, the late Steve Jobs was against the idea of a miniaturized tablet, but in November 2012, Apple will release the new iPad Mini. Those who once thought Apple as a company would never accept the idea of a smaller form factor were proven wrong, as Apple, albeit reluctantly, decided to enter the mini tablet market in the hopes of competing with smaller tablets, such as Google’s Nexus 7.

But how exactly does the iPad Mini stack up? It is worth the $130 premium? We reviewed the new Mini to see if we could determine whether the new tablet is up-to-snuff, and got a first-ever look and feel of the device.


First of all, as the name would imply, the iPad is much lighter (308 grams for the Wifi-only model) and thinner (by 23%) than the original iPad design. In fact, it fits comfortably in one hand, a difficult task for previous iPads. The side bezels are smaller, and yet, the screen at 7.85” seems notably larger than the Google Nexus 7, which is a true 7” screen. At this time, we noted that the iPad Mini, while staying true to its larger counterpart, was still it’s own animal. It’s not just a shrunken iPad – it’s a new product with a somewhat new design that is really something of a hybrid between a 7” tablet and the original iPad. It’s smaller and sleeker, and more square, but still feels durable, and not at all toy-like.

iPad Mini Price Comparison

Rounded edges are more reminiscent of the iPhone, and the volume and screen-rotation lock buttons are now built into the right-hand side. The headphone socket has been moved from the bottom (where the speakers and Lightning connector are now found) to the top of the device. The smaller size and lighter weight seem to make reading long documents a little easier, and with the updated iBooks streaming feature, it is in direct competition with the Kindle Fire, if it wasn’t before.

The Screen and Camera

The colors on the LED-backlit screen look vibrant, and the text is amazingly sharp. The 4:3 ratio means you get quite a bit of content on a single page, and the pages themselves display quickly and seamlessly. Apps work without letter-boxing, and the screen resolution is 1024×768, identical to the latest iPad.

iPad Mini Jailbreak Untethered

The iSight camera is back-facing, and at 5MP, takes some pretty good shots. Better yet, its smaller size allows video and picture-taking to be done with one hand, more like a regular camera. The video quality is more impressive than the pictures, and integration with iOS6 ensures that getting video online is a snap.

iSight Camera iPad

Performance and Battery Life

The Ipad Mini uses an A5 dual-core processor, and in the time we spent with it, appeared to handle games and applications pretty darn well. The 5GHz Wifi connection enabled a fast-as-lightning, smooth browsing experience.

iPad Mini 10 Hour Battery Life

Apple reported 10 hours of battery life, and it appeared to come close. Those with a 3rd Gen iPad know that the device sometime suffered in terms of battery life due to processing power. This is one aspect of the iPad Mini that has become increasingly important, due its even greater mobility and ability to be portable for extended periods of time. For example, think about the sustainability of long day trips using the Internet or camera for video.

Apple A5 Processor


In a lot of ways, the iPad Mini may outdo the original iPad design in terms of size and manageability. The thing that may hurt the Mini is price, coming in at $130 more than either Google’s Nexus 7 or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. We think the iPad Mini will fly off the shelves, and is probably worth the premium price. It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind product, and not just another 7” tablet. The camera and large screen alone (let’s not even mention the Apple name) probably make it worth the cost, and by Christmas, we predict that the Mini will have a huge, irreversible impact on the tablet market – and for years to come.


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